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Quotation mark Senior College is learning in a relaxed, non-competitive setting. I love that! Quotation mark

York County Senior College gives a new definition, a different perspective and an increasingly popular dimension to the traditional college. At YCSC you can participate in lifelong learning by enrolling in a variety of courses designed to fulfill your interests.

Remember: No prerequisite, no tests, no homework, no grades, no papers to write, no stress. Just intellectually stimulating opportunities to learn -- and to enjoy the camaraderie inherent in small classes.

Classes from such diverse subjects as music, art, history, physical science, writing, culture, film, creative problem-solving, bridge, cooking, religions, baseball, and world problems—each of which has been offered in recent semesters. Most classes run once a week for 8 weeks, starting in September and April.

Should classes be canceled for any reason, notice will be given on WMTV (Ch. 8), WCSH (Ch. 6), and WGME (Ch. 13). A message may also be heard on YCSC answering machine (282-4030).


ZOOM Classes

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Great Decisions 2020
Instructor: Steven Podsiadlo

Great Decisions is designed to provide an understanding of foreign policy and world affairs. The class consists of a video and discussion of topics including human trafficking, climate change, the Philippines, immigration, and Chinese influence in Latin America.

Location: On-line via ZOOM
First Class: 10/21/2020
Time: Wednesday, 11:00 am-12:30 pm
Class Size: Min 5, Max 25
Number of Sessions: 8
Materials Required: None

Introduction to Addiction
Instructor: Jeff Goldsmith

The course has five 90-minute sessions introducing the student to 1) cultural ideas about normal use of alcohol and drugs and where to draw the line between healthy use and unhealthy use; 2) the scientific discoveries of addiction research that highlight the Disease of Addiction and the new motivations and feelings caused by changes in the brain resulting from excessive use of alcohol and addictive drugs; 3) the adaptations of society and the family to the Disease of Addiction; and 4) the risks for the elderly that can happen if they use alcohol and drugs. Sixty minutes of each class will be for discussion.

Jeff is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine; a retired Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati; and the American Society of Addiction Medicine President 2015-2017.

Location: Online via ZOOM
First Class: 10/21/2020
Time: Wednesday, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm
Class Size: Min 8, Max 25
Sessions: 5
Materials Optional: HHS gov, Office of the Surgeon General, Facing Addiction in America free download from the internet website.

Exploring Sacred Paths                                              
Instructor:  Rev. Jan Hryniewicz

This course will explore the fascinating variety of paths that human beings take to discover a common goal of Enlightenment.... to experience a divine/human connection that guides daily living and inspires positive energy. Following a career path of Christian ministry and education, I have been challenged to find common ground with other spiritual seekers, to discover a variety of spiritual and religious traditions that enhance my Christian understandings. Several guest presenters will share their walks to deeper awareness of the divine/human connection.

Location: Online via ZOOM
First Class: 10/20/2020
Time: Tuesday, 10:00 am to 11:30 pm
Class Size: Min 5, Max 25
Number of Sessions: 8
Materials Required: None

Women’s Rights in Maine – Then & Now                
Host:  Jane Carlson
Guest Speaker:  Anne Gass

The three class titles and descriptions are as follows:

  • Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage, 1914-1920
    Battling apathy, World War I, a global pandemic, and a backlash against radical suffrage pickets, Florence Brooks Whitehouse leads Maine’s efforts to secure voting rights for women.

  • We Demand:  A Cross-Country Road Trip for Suffrage
    In 1915, four suffrage activists left San Francisco bound for Washington, D.C. on a desperate mission to bring a petition to Congress and President Wilson demanding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution enfranchising women.

  • The Equal Rights Amendment:  Why Don’t We Have It, and Why We Still Need It
    Women’s rights are not recognized in our country’s foundational document, our Constitution (or in Maine’s); learn how that happened, and how- and why- advocates are determined to win the ratification fight once and for all.

Anne B. Gass is the author of Voting Down the Rose:  Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage, published in 2014.  Gass, who is Whitehouse’s great-granddaughter, speaks regularly on Florence Brooks Whitehouse and women’s rights history at conferences, historical societies, libraries, high schools, and other groups.  As a professional, Gass has continued her great-grandmother’s activist tradition.  She is the founder and principal of ABG Consulting, LLC, a small business supporting nonprofits, local and state governments, and foundations in their efforts to help people in need build stable, productive lives.

Location: On-Line via ZOOM
First Class: 10/19/2020
Time: Monday, 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Class Size: Min 4, Max 20
Number of Sessions: 3
Materials Required: None


New Instructors Welcome! Would you like to share your special interest or knowledge with others? You could do so as a Senior College instructor. Course Proposal Forms may be submitted online. We will contact you.


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