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Quotation mark Senior College is learning in a relaxed, non-competitive setting. I love that! Quotation mark

York County Senior College gives a new definition, a different perspective and an increasingly popular dimension to the traditional college. At YCSC you can participate in lifelong learning by enrolling in a variety of courses designed to fulfill your interests.

Remember: No prerequisite, no tests, no homework, no grades, no papers to write, no stress. Just intellectually stimulating opportunities to learn -- and to enjoy the camaraderie inherent in small classes.

Classes from such diverse subjects as music, art, history, physical science, writing, culture, film, creative problem-solving, bridge, cooking, religions, baseball, and world problems—each of which has been offered in recent semesters. Most classes run once a week for 8 weeks, starting in September and April.

Should classes be canceled for any reason, notice will be given on WMTV (Ch. 8), WCSH (Ch. 6), and WGME (Ch. 13). A message may also be heard on YCSC answering machine (282-4030).


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ZOOM Classes


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Bring a Book to Zoom   
Instructor: Arlene Jackson

Literature enables the reader to visit places, experience events, meet people, listen to opinions, feel people's joys and sufferings. It takes years to acquire so much wisdom that a single book of literary merit instills in a reader. Literature mirrors the society that it is focusing on and the character of its protagonists. We will focus on every aspect of various genres - classics, fiction, non-fiction, history, mystery, biography and science fiction. Join a fun class that changes constantly and amuses many.

Location: Online via ZOOM
First Class: 9/16/2020
Time: Wednesday, 10:00 to 11:30 am
Class Size: Min 10, Max 25
Sessions: 8
Materials Required: Booklist is available, click here.

Politics and the 2020 Elections   
Instructor: Mike Berkowitz

Another Election Day approaches. Who will be elected president? What will be the outcomes in Congress? In Maine? And in the various states' referendums? Mini lectures from psychology and politics will provide the framework for discussion. We will look at our government, the qualities of elected officials, regional differences, methods of persuasion, and political parties. Just before Election Day, we'll make our predictions. The week after we will analyze the results.

Location: Online via ZOOM
First Class: 9/18/2020
Time: Friday, 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Class Size: Min 15, Max 25
Sessions: 8
Materials Required: None

Remembering the 40’s
Instructor: Lorraine Dutile Masure

Students will enjoy the decade’s most popular radio, film, and stage music against the back -drop of one of the most salient periods in the history of the United States. A just war, patriotism, the divergent contrasts of happy times, air-raid shelters, emerging technology, the birth of the Baby Boomers. And yet, an intriguing culture with which most Americans identified. You Bet Your Life: the buck stopped there!

Location: Online via ZOOM
First Class: 9/17/2020
Time: Thursday, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Class Size: Min 5, Max 25
Number of Sessions: 8
Materials Required: None

The Way They Were
Instructor: Fred Boyle

The course is an attempt to re-visit the time in America of our parents and ancestors – The Gilded Age through the Roaring Twenties. It will also concentrate on doing some family searches and sharing our family stories with the class. On the historical side there will be videos, film, and some lecturing. On the family side there will be learning of some of the basic sources available for genealogical research.

Location: On-Line via ZOOM
First Class: 9/14/2020
Time: Monday, 1:00 to 2:30 pm
Class Size: Min 10, Max 20
Number of Sessions: 8
Materials Required: None

The History and Masterworks of American Art - Part 1
Instructor: Robert Dunn

Explore together the history, artists and their paintings from the Colonial Period up to the mid- 19th Century. Discover the influence that our history, politics and culture had on early paintings, training of artists and differences in American Art development from what took place in Europe. The course will be taking a look at artists such as; Copley, Peale, Stuart, Inness, Cole, Allston, Lane, Mount, Trumbull, West and others. The class will include a DVD presentation, followed comments from the instructor and class discussion.

Location: On-Line via ZOOM
First Class: 9/24/2020
Time: Thursday, 9:30 to 11:00 am
Class Size: Min 10, Max 20
Number of Sessions: 8
Materials Required: Book recommended but not required for the course is Great Masters of American Art By Jordi Vigue, ISBN 0-8230-2115-7.


New Instructors Welcome! Would you like to share your special interest or knowledge with others? You could do so as a Senior College instructor. Course Proposal Forms may be submitted online. We will contact you.


Accessibility: Parking for people with disabilities is available at all YCSC course sites.

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