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Courses Offered at Saco

Curriculum Committee 2018: Pat Scammon, chairman; Jane Carlson, co-chairman. Please remember to check our website for regularly updated information on classes, lectures, field trips, membership meetings, and occasional social events.

Classes begin week of March 26. Classes are 8 weeks, except where noted and end May 18. Mail form or insert with check or charge card information by March 16.

Please Note: You must be a member of Senior College to enroll in classes.

Class day luncheons, available to all YCSC members, are scheduled to be served from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Anderson Center in Springvale. Come, join us for a morning class, lunch, and an afternoon class.

Care for the Common Home: Climate Change– Hoax or Reality?

The class will explore the science and theology that encourage awareness of how we live our daily lives. Environmental problems to be considered: climate change, global warming, pollution, depletion of natural resources, rise in sea level, fresh water resources, loss of biodiversity, consumerism, throw-away culture, distribution of wealth, third-world countries. The encyclical letter "Laudato SI" of Pope Francis will provide the moral and spiritual context that frames this study.
Instructors: Br. Albert Heinrich and Dr. Joe Yuhas
Location: Saco College
Day/Time: Thursday, 9:30–11:30a.m.
Starts: Thursday, March 29 Class size: min 2/ max 16.

Open Art Studio

This class is an art workshop in which participants have fun experimenting, playing or pursuing their own artistic goals. It's designed to accommodate beginners and experienced artists, guided and encouraged with one-on-one support. Possible media include watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, inks and oil pastels. Some supplies are available to beginners; experienced artists will bring their own supplies.
Instructors: Pat Scammon and Clara Martel
Location: Trinity Episcopal Church
Day/Time: Tuesday, 12–2p.m. Starts: Tuesday, March 27 Class size: min4/max 15.

The History Plays of William Shakespeare: Fake News? (4 sessions)

The Bard used 300 named characters to link eight history plays and create drama spanning 100 years. Though great drama, some of them are fake news. Dr. Joe will spur an investigation of why Shakespeare created inaccuracies, explore common themes, techniques and relationships among the plays. The rich Elizabethan language of course, will heighten the joy of studying English literature's MVP. Note: Participants should bring a volume of Shakespeare's plays to class. Dilly, Dilly.
Instructor: Dr. Joseph Valenza
Location: The Wardwell
Day/Time: Tuesday, 1-3p.m.
Starts: Tuesday, April 3 Class size: min 6/ max 12.

Nourishing Our Inner Child

Rev. Jan will help you rediscover the joy of childhood through children's literature. In it you'll come to recognize adult messages in delightful children's books. She'll also lead your exploration into writing a book and savoring "the gift of story." Bring to class with you a creative, open mind.
Instructor: Rev. Jan Hryniewicz
Location: Saco College
Day/Time: Tuesday, 9:30–11:30a.m.
Starts: Tuesday, March 27 Class size: min 4/max 20.

The Long and Winding Road (6 sessions)

What wisdom have I gained so far? Are there burdens I can let go of, forgiving others and asking them for forgiveness? How do I feel about my life's coming to an end? What legacy do I want to leave? What do I want the rest of my life to look like? This interactive class will help you to answer these for yourself. This exercise in reflection will include readings, creative expression, meditation–and even music by the Beatles.
Instructor: Anne Murray
Location: Trinity Episcopal Church
Day/Time: Thursday, 9:30-11:30a.m.
Starts: Thursday, March 28 Class size: min 8/max 14.

Intro to Digital Photography (4 sessions)

Bring your own camera–and instruction manual–and Millett will help you learn camera settings, including ISO, shutter speed, aperture and white balance. (Since individual DSLR cameras vary widely, you should become familiar with your manual.)
Instructor: Millett Day
Location: Saco College
Day/Time: Thursday, 1-3p.m.
Starts: Thursday, March 29 Class size: min 2/max 8.

Great Decisions–2018

Eight major issues of the day will be examined in this course whose outline has been developed by the Foreign Policy Association. Under the microscope will be matters of profound concern to U.S. policy makers. DVD's will complement discussion. and guest speakers will be presented. No prior reading is required.
Instructor: Bob Dunn
Location: Trinity Episcopal Church
Day/Time: Wednesday, 9:30-11:30a.m.
Starts: Wednesday, March 28 Class size: min 8/max 20.

Midsomer Murders: An Examination

Whodunnit? The little old lady or the cricket player? Arriving at the answer provides a stroll through the quaint British village of Oxfordshire and through the brilliant mind of Chief Inspector John Barnaby. Such are the trappings of this course based upon the 115 quirky episodes (not all of them) of the British detective series "Midsomer Murders," which ran for 20 seasons. Enjoy the journey with tour leader Kathleen Harder, fresh off last semester's 20-year cruise on the Agean Sea with Homer's Odysseus.
Instructors: Kathleen Harder
Location: Saco College
Day/Time: Tuesday, 1-3p.m.
Starts: Tuesday, March 27 Class size: min 4/max 15.