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Courses Offered at Sanford

Curriculum Committee 2018: Pat Scammon, chairman; Jane Carlson, co-chairman. Please remember to check our website for regularly updated information on classes, lectures, field trips, membership meetings, and occasional social events.

Classes begin week of March 26. Classes are 8 weeks, except where noted and end May 18. Mail form or insert with check or charge card information by March 16.

Please Note: You must be a member of Senior College to enroll in classes.

Class day luncheons, available to all YCSC members, are scheduled to be served from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Anderson Center in Springvale. Come, join us for a morning class, lunch, and an afternoon class.

Open Art Group
Dr. David Moberg continues his popular exercise in multi-media, offering advice and encouragement to all comers: Beginners and veteran artists indulging in the medium of their choosing.
Instructor: Dr. David Moberg
Location: Anderson Center
Day/Time: Friday, 9:30–11:30a.m. Starts: Friday, March 30. Class size: min 4/max 12.

Ethics: An Old-World Concept in a New World Culture

Six o'clock news troubling? Think the culture's coarse? Our moral compass lost? What are our core values? How do we arrive at them? The class will discuss current ethical questions: First amendment, welfare, addiction...viewed against methods for decision-making. Recognizing ethical dilemmas in everyday life (whether right vs. wrong or right vs. right), let's each of us discover if we're ethically fit.
Instructor: Lorraine Masure
Location: Springvale Library
Day/Time: Monday, 1–3p.m. Starts: Monday, March 26. Class size: min 5/max 20.

Bring a Book to Breakfast

Another YCSC staple continues under the baton of Arlene Jackson. Classes include lively discussion of: It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis; New England White, by Stephen L. Carter; Victoria and Abul, by Shrabani Basu; We Were Eight Years in Power, by Coates; The Sympathizer, by Viet Than Nguyen; Well-Schooled in Murder, by Elizabeth George; Isabella, by Kirsten Downey; Saints for all Occasions, by J. Courtney Sullivan.
Instructor: Arlene Jackson
Location: Springvale Library
Day/Time: Wednesday, 10a.m.–noon Starts: Wednesday, March 28 Class size: min 6/max 30.

From Mao to Now: A Look at China

Arlene's look at China will focus on its many changes and their rapidity: political, economic, social, demographic and consider why the U.S. is concerned. Class discussion will be complemented by speakers and selective readings.
Instructor: Arlene Jackson
Location: Springvale Library
Day/Time: Tuesday, 1:30–3:30p.m. Starts: Tuesday, March 27 Class size: min 8/max 30.

Highlights of Sanford's History

How long have you lived in this city and known precious little about it? Answers will vary, but Sanford's resident historian will fill in these various gaps. Join Harlan Eastman at his quaint domain, the Historical Museum, in Springvale and join in the celebration of the city's 250 years.
Instructor: Harland Eastman
Location: Historical Museum (505 Main St., Springvale)
Day/Time: Thursday, 10a.m.–noon Starts: Thursday, March 29 Class size: min 10/max 20.

Great Decisions

Fred Boyle celebrates his return to the classroom to present this always popular course in world affairs. The 2018 bill o'fare will feature eight topics: The waning of Pax Americana, Russia's foreign policy, China and America–the new geopolitical equation, media and foreign policy, Turkey–a partner in crisis, U.S. global engagement and the military, South Africa's fragile democracy, global health–progress and challenges. Effort will be made to present guest speakers for most of the topics.
Instructor: Fred Boyle
Location: Anderson Center
Day/Time: Friday, 12:30–2:30p.m. Starts: Friday, March 30 Class size: min 10/max 25.

Writing Your Memoirs

Each one of us has a story to tell–in fact, many stories. Fleurette's memoir writing class will draw some of these out of you, all of which embellish your appreciation of life and create for your grandchildren a valuable store of memories. Along the way, you'll also have a barrel of fun.
Instructor: Fleurette Bannon
Location: Anderson Center
Day/Time: Friday, 9:30–11:30a.m. Starts: Friday, March 30 Class size: min 8/max 12

Out in the Woods (6 sessions) Starts: Thursday, March 29

This course provides an opportunity to explore special natural areas in Sanford. After an orientation, this class will include five walking tours on existing hiking trails with some moderate slopes and about two miles round trip.
Instructors: Kevin McKeon and Lawrence Furbish
Location: 1st class: Trafton Center
Day/Time: Thursday, 12:30–2:30p.m. Class size: min 6/max 12.

(TFC) Ted's Favorite Classics Starts: Friday, March 30 strong

Each session will feature a classic film and a brief critical discussion. Handouts will provide background to enrich the experience. Films will represent history, crime, cowboys, comics, war, music– all different from the previous semester. Special Note: In order to accommodate discussion and to validate movie-watching as "a communal experience," we'll extend the class by 15 minutes, ending at 2:45 p.m.
Instructor: Ted Hargrove
Location: Anderson Center
Day/Time: Friday, 12:30– Class size: min 5/max 20.