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Quotation markLow-cost educational and social opportunities for York County adults 50 years of age or older.Quotation mark

Since 1999: Lifelong Learning and Seniors

The marriage between lifelong learning and York County's seasoned citizens was proposed and accomplished in 1999 when the 3 founders took the concept of learning as a never-ending enterprise and ran with it. The notion struck Dr. Muriel Poulin and Gerri Benecke separately. When they presented their ideas to Gary Sullivan, Director of University College at Springvale/Sanford, there developed a perfect storm: York County Senior College was born.

Starting from scratch - no money, no forms, no instructors, no students - the committee of 3 (soon joined by Dick Ford and other stalwart volunteers) forged ahead. The first session took place in the Springvale location with 23 students and only a few courses, subsequently welcoming more instructors, students and classes, expanding to Saco as well.

York County Senior College offers low-cost educational and social opportunities for adults 50 years of age or older. It is affiliated with the University of Maine at Augusta Saco Center. Courses are offered in Saco and Springvale areas, and a winter series of one-day lectures offered in January, February, and March.You can also download a copy of our most recent YCSC brochure.

Our Mission: 'To provide low cost educational and social opportunities for York County adults 50 years of age or older.'

  • Organization: Under the aegis of the University of Maine System, York County Senior College is held together by a governing council of volunteers elected at the College's annual meeting in the spring. Members of the council are chosen to serve on several committees that develop and promote its various programs: Curriculum, the Gary Sullivan Lecture Series, Field Trips, Public Relations, Communication and Website. Through vigilant recruiting, the council infuses new blood into the organization each year.

  • 2019-2020 YCSC Council
  • Goals of YCSC: provide stimulating, stressless educational opportunity and the chance to interact with peers in and out of the classroom. Classes are designed to present the interesting, the useful, the entertaining, requiring only the intellectual involvement of a willing audience. Subject matter of classes, destination of field trips, intensity of interactive social events are all dictated by demand and driven by the enthusiasm of the participants. YCSC makes itself eminently accessible with no entrance requirements, no homework, no tests nor grades, and by offering scholarships.