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Quotation markShare your passion! Neither past teaching experience, nor fancy degrees are necessary. Just ask any YCSC instructor.Quotation mark

Class - Exploring the Arts in Cuba


Would you like to share your passion? York County Senior College is always looking for new people who are willing to volunteer to lead classes.

There are a variety of types of courses at YCSC:

  • Lecture courses taught by people with a command of a topic;
  • Classes that include more discussion, led by one who can stimulate thought and engage the group;
  • Some classes are more skill-oriented, in which a facilitator helps attendees develop their ability to paint, or to write, or to craft; or…
  • and there are other possibilities too.

If you have a special skill or expertise on a subject that you'd like to develop and teach as a course, let us know. Neither past teaching experience, nor fancy degrees are necessary. What is crucial is the desire to share with others. It's a valuable experience…just ask any YCSC instructor.

An Instructor Orientation meeting for all up-coming semester instructors is held just prior to the fall and spring semesters at the University College/Saco office, 4 Scamman St., Suite 18, Saco, ME 04072. Refreshments will be served. Administrative procedures, ordering of textbooks or supplies, copying materials are discussed and tentative class lists distributed.

Course Proposal Forms may be submitted online.

New instructors, would you like a mentor? Veteran instructors, would you like to be a mentor? Feel free to contact us at info@yorkcountyseniorcollege.org if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

And a special note: All YCSC instructors are entitled to one free course!